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Creating a World That Is Accessible to Everyone

Welcome to ODS Open Door Solutions, where we offer a range of accessibility services for our clients. Our mission is to promote ADA compliance and safety, and create equal access for people with disabilities and impairments. 

We offer four platforms that cater to a wide range of needs. Our platforms focus on consulting, education, and product. Our first platform focuses inspection/ reporting and  identifying areas  that need to meet ADA compliance codes and enhance safety for people with impairments. This service is particularly relevant for property management companies, senior facilities, healthcare facilities, and basically any type of operation that mandates accessibility needs.     

Our second platform  is compliance education, which includes speaking engagements and workshops.. We help businesses educate their existing employees, students, and new hires on updated codes and best practices for maintaining compliance.      

Our third platform is consulting in which ODS will consult with Developers, Architects, Property managers, Gov't Projects, Municipalities and  any potential clients in need of expertise and knowledge of compliance in relation to  Accessibility  and Impairment. 

Our fourth platform notifies companies of our Accessissibility product availability  for procurement purchase and our online marketplace, with a strong emphasis on purchasing through women-owned businesses. We curate our product offerings based on our expertise and client feedback to ensure that we are offering the best selection of products.

At ODS Open Door Solutions, we are dedicated to creating a world that is accessible to  everyone. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you meet your accessibility goals.

     City of Baltimore Certified WBE

City of Baltimore Certified WBE

Open Door Solutions

Consulting Services

The approaches that work for one client may not work for another. That is why ODS Open Door Solutions is eager to get to know you and your organization inside and out. Our purpose is to provide useful,  practical, achievable, and insightful perspectives and solutions. Our consult services provide extensive work  providing information necessary to help achieve your ultimate goals which we will determine during the consult.  Consultations will include most any situation that is necessary to benefit our clients in relation to their needs when it comes to accessibility situations. ODS Open Door Solutions is all about accessibility!


Accessibility Services

Consulting services to promote most any needs in relation to accessibility. Please inquire.


Education and training on ADA Compliance for our clients. Please inquire.

Product Procurement

Efficient and reliable ADA procurement services for businesses and organizations.

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